Hardgraft Misfit Backpack

I have one of these backpacks and it is awesome. I’m a big guy with a six foot frame so I like bigger backpacks. This one is wide and has roomy arm straps so it fits me very nicely. Materials and craftsmanship is top notch.

Made of soft yet tough Italian boucle wool and Italian blackblue leather, the limited-edition Misfit backpack from Hardgraft has 2 hidden external pockets & a 15” internal laptop sleeve. The pack has a gray cotton lining & a grab handle made of herringbone cotton webbing.

Source: Hardgraft Misfit Backpack

Star Wars played on acoustic guitar

This guy is pretty awesome:

Greg Johnson of Acoustic Labs performs a fantastic fingerstyle medley of some of John Williams’ music from the Star Wars saga. We’d pay good money to see a whole performance of this done live with the films on screen. Check out more great music over on Alvarez Live .

Source: Acoustic Labs: Star Wars

Neil Patrick Harris’ Home

Between seeing Neil Patrick Harris’ house and his witty dialog, this video is awesome. I love the questions they asked him. It is done very well.

Get to know more about Tony ward-winner and Uncrate reader Neil Patrick Harris during this 11-minute interview with Vogue. Throughout the 73 questions, NPH takes you on a tour of… Visit Uncrate for the full post.

Source: Neil Patrick Harris’ Home

One of my favorites: Brut Rosé Champagne

For the money this is a great buy. Its less than $100 and it tastes like it should cost a lot more.

Long known as the Champagne that Parisians actually drink, Ruinart’s most famous iteration may be the Blanc de Blancs but their Brut Rosé is just as refined. Drawn from Pinot Noir grapes, this bubbling delight contains hearty red berry flavors.

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Peter Thiel pushes for commercial space flight in Trumps NASA

At least there is one good thing coming out of the Tump administration:

Peter Thiel is using his position in Trumps transition team to make sure commercial space grows even further under the new administration. A few weeks ago, the President-Elect named the first members of NASAs “landing team,” who all seemed to favor…

Source: Peter Thiel pushes for commercial space flight in Trumps NASA

Use Unsplash images to spice up your blog

Whether you are a new blogger or a seasoned pro, you need images to make your content more appealing to your readers. The best way to do this is with gorgeous images that are relevant to your writing. Finding those images can be challenging if you don’t own a good camera and skills to take great photos. Images through stock photos services are expensive and most don’t do justice to the amazing article you just wrote.

Luckily there is a solution to this problem. Unsplash is a website with free to use images that are absolutely gorgeous. You can browse over to the site, find an image and easily download it and use it in your work. The only ask from Unsplash is that you attribute the author/owner correctly to the image.

This gorgeous image is one example. (Photo by Kalen Emsley)

As you can see, there is no easier way to spice up your content with beautiful imagery than using Unsplash. I’m a fan and hopefully you’ll become one too!

Apple Watch – got it – love it

I finally received my Apple watch. I’ve been waiting for this day ever since Apple announced it last year.

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Really excited about this.

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The watch is everything I hoped it would be and more. I’m a fan of watches, I’ve loved them ever since my father bought me a Mickey Mouse watch when I was seven years old. The Apple Watch has a Mickey Mouse face which brings back fond memories of when I was a kid.