Use Unsplash images to spice up your blog

Whether you are a new blogger or a seasoned pro, you need images to make your content more appealing to your readers. The best way to do this is with gorgeous images that are relevant to your writing. Finding those images can be challenging if you don’t own a good camera and skills to take […]

How to use a USB ergonomic keyboard with your iPad

There are a lot of bluetooth keyboard options for the iPad and all of them sacrifice comfort for portability. It wasn’t until just recently that I learned that I could use my desktop USB keyboard with my iPad. With a little adapter made by Apple I can write with the comfort of a desktop keyboard […]

My Bose QC20i Noise Canceling Earbuds review

Wow. I just tried the new Bose QC20i noise canceling earbuds and I’m blown away. The Apple Store had them at the domain and with permission allowed me to sample them. The store was noisy, almost packed on a Saturday night which made it the perfect test stage for noise canceling ear buds. I inserted […]

REVIEW: ALO Audio Island DAC/AMP for portable audio enthusiasts

ALO Audio’s new Island portable amp and DAC is a great upgrade to your computer audio setup. This little metal box allows you to drive some of the best headphones with your Mac or PC. Great headphones often require a lot of power to drive them. Headphones like the Sennheiser HD800 can’t be adequately driven […]

The Internet of things: Nest firmware auto-update disabled my thermostat

When I opened the door to my apartment a blast of hot air blew into my face not the usual icy cool air that I’ve programmed my Internet connected Nest thermostat to deliver at 5pm.  I immediately knew something was wrong, my apartment which I like to keep cool during the brutally hot Austin summer […]