Apple’s AirPods are amazing. Best wireless audio experience

I’ve only had Apple’s new AirPods for a few days now but I can confidently say that they are amazing. The sound quality, build quality, simplicity, multi-device support, all of these features combine for a truly awesome wireless audio experience. What I really love about Apple products is the user experience. To use the AirPods, […]

Peek at the drawings used to design the original ‘Zelda’

To quote one of my favorite video game characters: Greatness, from small beginnings. To celebrate The Legend of Zelda ‘s 30th anniversary, Nintendo has released a handful of drawings that were used to design the first game in the franchise. Source: Peek at the drawings used to design the original ‘Zelda’

David Pogue’s AirPods Review: ‘You’re Worrying About the Wrong Thing’

I haven’t received my AirPods yet but I do have them on order. I think this could be the most important product of 2016. The reviewers seem to think so too. David Pogue: They stay in snugly when you’re dancing, bopping, shivering. They stay in under conditions when the wired EarPods would have fallen out. […]

Peter Thiel pushes for commercial space flight in Trumps NASA

At least there is one good thing coming out of the Tump administration: Peter Thiel is using his position in Trumps transition team to make sure commercial space grows even further under the new administration. A few weeks ago, the President-Elect named the first members of NASAs “landing team,” who all seemed to favor… Source: […]