Let’s talk about Star Wars: The Last Jedi’s most divisive part: porgs

Porgs. When fans spotted the diminutive creatures of Star Wars: The Last Jedi in the first behind-the-scenes reel , they were immediately divided. Some fell utterly in love with them, creating fan art, buttons, and shirts right off the bat, while others dismissed them as a cheap marketing gimmick for the inevitable batch of toys […]

‘The Last Night’ is a stunning take on 16-bit games for the 4K generation

The graphics in this game remind me of the games of my youth. The Sierra games from the 1990’s were so cool. Indie darling The Last Night stepped onto the big stage this week at E3. The game was announced as an Xbox exclusive during the same event that Microsoft officially revealed its powerful new […]

Jupiter is the oldest planet in the Solar System

Jupiter’s ancient name really is well-deserved: according to a new study, the king of the planets isn’t just the largest in the Solar System, it’s also the oldest. A team of researchers from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California and th… This Jupiter stuff is so cool. The photos that Juno has taken of Jupiter […]

Monsanto bets on AI to protect crops against disease

We are just seeing AI all over the place these days. Monsanto has drawn plenty of criticism for its technology-driven (and heavily litigious) approach to agriculture, but its latest effort might just hint at the future of farming. It’s partnering with Atomwise on the use of AI to quickly discover molec… Source: Monsanto bets on […]

Easily share your WiFi with friends on iOS 11, automatically sends passwords to nearby devices

This is really cool! iOS 11 includes many automatic features regarding first-time setup and account login. This extends to WiFi networks too. If a friend comes over with an iPhone running iOS 11, you can automatically log them in to your WiFi in one tap. Source: Easily share your WiFi with friends on iOS 11, […]