Tesla’s Autopilot will now stick to the speed limit

Why wouldn’t the auto-pilot follow the speed limit from the start? What is the use case where the car would need to automatically pilot the driver at speeds faster or slower than the speed limit? Autopilot-enabled Teslas are about to become slightly more conservative drivers. The company’s latest software update will match the top speed […]

Comment: There’s something really odd about Consumer Reports’ MacBook Pro battery test results

This is a little odd. Why would the battery be so affected by Apple’s own Safari and then totally unaffected by Chrome? ‘Consumer Reports said yesterday that the 2016 MacBook Pro was the first ever Apple laptop that the organization couldn’t recommend, due to battery-life issues. That in itself didn’t strike me as too odd. […]

NASA’s Martian tech is helping hospitals eliminate bedsores

Bedsores, also known as pressure ulcers, kill more people annually than nearly any form of cancer, with 500,000 cases per year in the United Kingdom alone. One problem doctors and nurses face in the fight against bedsores is early detection — tradit… Source: NASA’s Martian tech is helping hospitals eliminate bedsores

Apple’s AirPods are amazing. Best wireless audio experience

I’ve only had Apple’s new AirPods for a few days now but I can confidently say that they are amazing. The sound quality, build quality, simplicity, multi-device support, all of these features combine for a truly awesome wireless audio experience. What I really love about Apple products is the user experience. To use the AirPods, […]

Peek at the drawings used to design the original ‘Zelda’

To quote one of my favorite video game characters: Greatness, from small beginnings. To celebrate The Legend of Zelda ‘s 30th anniversary, Nintendo has released a handful of drawings that were used to design the first game in the franchise. Source: Peek at the drawings used to design the original ‘Zelda’

David Pogue’s AirPods Review: ‘You’re Worrying About the Wrong Thing’

I haven’t received my AirPods yet but I do have them on order. I think this could be the most important product of 2016. The reviewers seem to think so too. David Pogue: They stay in snugly when you’re dancing, bopping, shivering. They stay in under conditions when the wired EarPods would have fallen out. […]