Austin vs Salt Lake City in Gemalto Contactless Challenge

Game face on Gemalto a multi-billion dollar company that you’ve likely never heard of is sponsoring a wireless payment challenge pitting me and my city of Austin vs Kathy and her city of Salt Lake City.  Both Austin and SLC are piloting a new NFC payment technology from ISIS which uses a mobile wallet on your […]

Ultimate Ears reference in-ear monitors review

This is my video review of the Ultimate Ears Reference ear monitors.  These are custom monitors that are made to fit your ear and thus block out all outside noises.  These are a fantastic pair of earphones that produce great sound but they are costly at $999.  You can find more on Ultimate Ears website. […]

I met the President of the United States today

Obama visited Capital Factory today and I got to meet with him.  This was a once in a lifetime experience for me.  I feel very grateful to be part of Capital Factory, it is an amazing organization one that is now getting recognition from the President.  Hopefully other cities will be able to replicate its […]